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Moose Hunting with Dogs

  • Recommended duration: 5 days Hunting (6 nights)
  • Hunting season from October 1  to December 15

Moose Hunting with Dogs is a traditional form of hunting Moose in Northern Europe. In this hunt Nordic hunting dogs follow the trail until locating the Moose where upon the dogs commence barking to notify the hunter of the moose’s position. The dog will try at all times to stop the animal so the hunter can approach the Moose and make the shot.

Hunting Program

  • Day 1: Arrival at Tallinn airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 6: Moose Hunting with dogs
  • Day 7: Transport to Tallinn airport for departure

Development of hunting

At dawn we will move to the hunting area to look for fresh tracks of moose on the trails and in the areas near the salt licks. We will also use the information obtained through the use of cameras in various areas of the hunting ground.

Once we have an idea of the location of the specimens the dogs will pick up the tracks and with the aide of GPS and radio signals which will keep us informed of the dogs position at all times.

Once we locate the barking dogs we will assess the situation. If the Moose keeps his position then the hunter can approach, along with one of our guides, and attempt to resolve the shot. If the Moose starts the race and tries to escape from the hunter then the dogs will move in to block the moose’s path to give the hunter a clear shot.

The hunt takes about 6 hours and allows us, in many cases, to have several shots a day and even be selective.

Peculiarities of Moose Hunting with dog

Undoubtedly this type of moose hunting is more effective than hunting moose with decoy and allows us to have many shots and exciting situations. The best conditions for moose hunting with dogs are cold days with fresh snow and preferably with little or no wind.

This form of hunting requires the hunter to be in good physical shape to endure trotting or running short journeys of up to 2 kilometers in the forest.

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Areas for Moose Hunting with Dogs

Photos of Moose hunting with dogs

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