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Hunting Capercaillie and Black Grouse with Dogs

  • Recommended duration: 4 hunting days (5 nights)
  • Hunting season from October 15  until October 31

The hunt for Capercaillie and Wood Grouse develops in late October. Hunting in spring is forbidden during the mating season.

Capercaillie hunting is developed through stalking and the use of dogs to help locate specimens usually up high in trees.

Hunting Capercaillie is developed through decoy at dawn and during the day by stalking.

Hunting program

  • Day 1: Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 5: hunting grouse and black grouse with Dog
  • Day 6: Transport to Tallinn airport for departure

Development of hunting

The hunt begins with the first light of day when we will go to the areas where the grouse come to feed. The local guide will make the call of the black grouse to draw them in to have a clear shot at the best birds.

Once finished hunting Black Grouse we will proceed to release the dog in one of the areas for grouse. The dog will be equipped at all times with GPS and RF transmitters to allow us to know its position at all times. As soon as the dog locates it, the grouse will tree itself near the top of a tree. The hunter must approach carefully to a distance of about 100 meters to get a good shot.

Peculiarities of hunting Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) and black grouse with Dogs

This game is usually very successful and if weather conditions are right is not complicated to have 3 or 4 sets of Grouse and between 5 and 10 black grouse.

You should bring good binoculars and a variable scope with high magnification. With regard to the sizes we recommend bringing a bore with a very tense shot and with respect to the loads (bullets) armored bullets are recommended. On the other hand, if possible, we suggest bringing a 12-gauge shotgun.

Areas for hunting Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) and Black Grouse with Dogs

Photos of hunting Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) and Black Grouse with Dogs

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