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Brown Bear Still Hunting

  • Recommended duration: 5 days Hunting (6 nights)
  • Hunting season from August 1  to October 31

Brown Bear still hunting is the only form of bear hunting allowed in Estonia. The hunt takes place in our hunting areas where refugees have been created specifically for hunting bear where they are fed from early April to late October. From late September Bears may also be found in oat fields.

Hunting program

  • Day 1: Arrival at Tallinn airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 6: Brown Bear Hunting
  • Day 7: Transport to Tallinn airport for departure

Development of hunting

Bear still hunting develops near feeders and oat fields and shooting is done from watchtowers (tree stands) which hide the hunter out of sight and smell of the bear. The hunter will have to wait patiently from 6 pm and may require the hunter spend up to 8 hours in the tree stand/tower.

The best time for bear hunting is in August, at this time the bear can be found solely feeding in the woods. In late September the bears may be found in oat fields where we have located stands/towers for hunting.

2 or 3 bears can be sighted and shot within five days usually.. The shooting distance is usually not more than 60 meters and it is recommended to use the highest caliber with which the hunter feels comfortable as well as loads (bullets) suitable for the game.

Peculiarities of Still Hunting Bear

During hibernation a bear loses much weight and needs to quickly regain it to be able to survive hibernation. Bears are always looking to gain weight in areas where food is scarce so if our feeders are well-stocked and maintained with a proper food supply and in this way the bear will not become hungry or dangerous.

From June to mid-September the bear comes almost daily to the feeders and later combines feeding at the feeders with foraging in oat fields.

The best dates for hunting are from August 1 until September 15 but the bears’ fur is usually in better condition from October even though the hunting is more complicated at that time.

We have cameras placed at the feeders so the hunter, before arriving to Estonia, can review photos of the bears that are entering the feeders and can, more or less, get an idea of the size and physiology of the bears.

Other game species that can be combined

Still hunting for bear can also be combined with wild boar, elk, red deer and Roe deer.

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