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Wolf Hunt with beaters

  • Recommended duration: 3 days of hunting (4 nights)
  • Hunting season from 1 November  until February 28

Wolf hunting with beaters is from early November to late February. This form of hunting is very effective and generally 3 to 6 wolves are shot.

Hunting program

  • Day 1: Arrival at Tallinn airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 4: Hunting Wolf with beaters
  • Day 5: Transport to Tallinn airport for departure

Development of hunting

Wolf hunting with beaters begins at dawn when our guides roam the hunting areas looking fresh traces of wolf. Once a trace is found the guides will check that the wolves are located in an easily approachable area for a group of 15 to 25 hunters.

As soon as the guides inform us of the situation, we will surround the area with “flags” hanging by a rope that will be used to close the perimeter of the area. Then the hunters will be placed at positions that offer hunters the best possible shots

When all the hunters are in position our guides will come in firing into the air with blanks to scare the wolves out of the area.

Preparation of hunting usually lasts between 3 and 4 hours while the hunt itself usually takes less than 1 hour in which the hunter must remain very alert to the movements of the wolves and shoot only wolves thus ensuring that the Wolves do not perceive the presence of the hunter.

Peculiarities of Wolf Hunt with beaters

Wolf hunting with beaters is highly effective but only can only be applied to other species such as wild boar. The reason is that it is very difficult to ensure the organizing the hunt as it is necessary to have good weather in addition to having the good luck of finding wolf traces in a suitable area, which can be difficult in many cases.

If the hunter comes specifically to hunt the wolf he will have to choose to hunt the wolf from vantage points (stands) around feeding areas of the wolf.

Other game species that can be combined

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Migratory Birds

*Only November

Areas of Wolf Hunt with beaters

Photos of Wolf Hunt with beaters

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