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Wild boar Still-Hunting

  • Recommended duration: 3 days of hunting (4 nights)
  • Hunting season All year round 

Still-Hunting for Wild boar is done at night all year round but the best times are summer, where it is combined with stalking boar, and in winter when combined with boar hunting with dogs.

Hunting Program

  • Day 1: Arrival at Tallinn airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 4: Still-Hunting for Wild boar
  • Day 5: Transport to Tallinn airport for departure

Development of hunting

This form of hunting is accomplished exclusively by preparing feeders where boars come daily. Near each of the feeders we have hunting stands that will help us hide from the sight and smell of the boar.

In summer, boars often come quite early to the feeders however in the winter boars are more elusive and usually their appearance at the feeders happens well into the night.

The biggest boars tend to be very cautious and the hunter needs to display patience and avoid making any movement or sound that might betray their presence.

The shot is usually carried out more than 60 meters and is recommended to use a heavy gauge since such pigs in Estonia sometimes reach 200 kilos.

Peculiarities of Boar Still-Hunting

The boar is an animal with highly developed instincts in addition to a good sense of smell and hearing.

Large herds show little caution and are still pretty easy hunting while large males always represent a great challenge.

Since we have cameras at the feeders we know all times the specimens appear so the hunter will be informed of the presence of large males. It is very important that the hunter be patient and disregard the approach of the smaller boars that usually accompany the big boar.

Other species that can be combined

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Areas of Wild boar Still-Hunting

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