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Stalking Roe Deer Hunt

  • Recommended duration: 3 days of hunting (4 nights)
  • Hunting season from June 1  to September 30

Roe Deer hunting by stalking is usually performed in summer camps. hunting of this species is allowed until the end of December. This hunt is a very interesting because it requires the hunter to demonstrate great skills of stealth to be able to approach the Roe Deer while staying calm to make a clever shot.
This hunt is a perfect match to the stalking Boar Hunt which is done on the same dates and hunting grounds.

Hunting program

  • Day 1: Arrival at Tallinn airport and transfer to the hunting lodge
  • Days 2 to 4: Hunt by stalking Roe Deer
  • Day 5: Transport to Tallinn airport

Development of hunting

Roe Deer hunting by stalking is mainly done in the summer where we have almost 20 hours of daylight. There are two departures a day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The first departure begins at 4am in the morning where we will visit the fields using one of the trails and accompanied by one of our guides. Upon finding a good Roe Deer specimen you must proceed to make a stealthy entrance keeping in mind the wind factor to make a guaranteed shot. The morning hunt usually lasts between 4 and 5 hours.

The second part of the hunt takes place in the afternoon starting at 6 pm and the procedures are the same as the morning departure.

During the hunt it is quite possible to find boars in the same fields so it is recommended to combine the hunting of both species.

Peculiarities of the Roe Deer Stalking Hunt

This form of hunting is usually very successful and produces good specimens providing 2 or 3 shots per day of desirable specimens.

You should bring good binoculars and a variable scope since it is not uncommon to have to make shots of up to 150 meters. Regarding the caliber, it is recommend a gauge with a very flat trajectory and since the Roe Deer hunt can be combined with wild boar hunt it is also recommended to bring several types of loads (bullets) depending on the species to shoot, boar or Roe Deer.

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