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Practical Information

About Hunting in Estonia and Nordic Hunting Club
Hunting in Estonia has been operating since 2008 and is a founding member of the Nordic Hunting Club created three years ago by the merger of three hunting organizations operating in Northern Europe. Among the Nordic Hunting Club members is spoken 9 different languages which allows us to have effective communication with hunters which is important, especially during the hunt.

The Nordic Hunting Club headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia, and all Nordic Hunting Club members live in Estonia.

Nordic Hunting Club is responsible for all aspects of the game, that means we are not brokers and therefore can control from beginning to end the quality of service offered.

Documents required for hunting in Estonia
To hunt in Estonia you need the following documents:

  • Hunting Permit form the Country of Origin
  • Passport or, ID if the hunter is a member of the Schengen area
  • European Charter Firearms

Contract, Insurance and Deposits


To hunt with our organization it is necessary to accept and sign a contract that regulates the hunting terms and conditions of service provided by our organization. The contract will be provided to the hunter before booking, for review and signature.


Everyone, hunter or companion is committed to concluding an international hunters’ insurance valid in Estonia and a liability insurance (damage to property of others). It is also advisable to buy travel insurance. Notify our organization thirty days before the start of the hunt for cancellation due to reasons of medical, repatriation and accidents.


30% of the cost of the specified Hunting Program must be paid by the hunter to proceed with the booking of the hunt within a minimum of 60 day period before the start of the hunt. In case of cancellation of the hunt for reasons attributable to the hunter, amounts paid in advance for the same will not be refunded. If such cancellation is made more than 45 days before the start of the contracted hunt, the hunter has the right to schedule a new hunt in the 14 months immediately following the canceled Hunt without paying back 30% of the said costs already paid.

The balance of hunting costs has to be paid upon arrival in Estonia and before beginning the hunt.

The balance of fees for trophies, hunted or injured animals plus all the extras not included in the package purchased will be determined and calculated at the end of the hunt and must be paid at the time before leaving Estonia
How to get to Estonia
Normally you arrive at the Estonia airway and it is recommended purchasing tickets with a reputable travel agency familiar with the procedures required to transport weapons and dogs via airlines.

We can also manage airline tickets at no cost.
Hunting Areas
We have many hunting areas distributed throughout Estonia. In most areas we have a state grant from Estonia, however, depending on the needs, we use other areas with which we have a cooperation agreement which guarantees the power to hunt in virtually all of Estonian territory.

Here are our hunting areas in Estonia.

Hunting accommodations
We have various hunting accommodations, choice of accommodation depends on the staging area for the hunt.

Here are the accommodations that we use most frequently:





Transportation of Weapons
To bring the gun to Estonia requires the European Charter Firearms, if the hunter comes from outside the European Union he will need to obtain a temporary import permit for weapons which will be managed by our organization. If the hunter prefers not bring his own gun he can rent high quality weapons and in good condition, in which case the hunter will need to give advance notice of his intention to rent a weapon.

For transport by air it is necessary to transport the gun in a locked case. The bullets or cartridges must be transported in a separate case. Airlines usually put a weight limit of 5 kilos including bullets or cartridges and briefcase.

Transportation of Dogs
An European Pet passport and an updated vaccinations card is required to transport your hunting dog(s) from another country.

For air transport it is necessary to contact the airline in advance to reserve dog transport and to know what the limits and conditions of carriage are.

Normally airlines only allow 2 dogs per aircraft but sometimes can carry up to 5 and each dog must travel in a separate transporter and comply with IATA specifications. The dog kennel should be of sufficient size for the animal to comfortably turn about yet it is not necessary that it be able to stand up on its hind legs. Kennels with wheels and removable wheels are more sensible and convenient. To arrange the billing for the dogs and weapons you will need to go to the check-in desk where you will be informed of how to proceed. We recommend arriving 2 hours before the airport to avoid problems.

In our hunting programs we include the first preparation of trophies. You also have the option of choosing your taxidermy trophy in Estonia. We have professionals with many years of experience in the preparation of animal trophies hunted in Estonia.

Approximate Taxidermy prices

Specie Taxidermy Type Estimated cost
Moose and Red Deer Shoulder mounted € 1,000
Bear Full mounted € 2,000 a € 3,500€
Wild Boar Shoulder mounted € 700
Roe Deer Shoulder mounted € 600
Lynx Full mounted € 1,200 a € 1,500
Wolf Full mounted € 1,200€ a € 1,500
Goose, Duck, Woodcock y Hazel Grouse Full mounted € 400

Transportation of Trophy
If the hunter can not personally carry his trophies then our organization can arrange transportation to the address indicated by the Hunter.

The transportation cost is paid by the Hunter and our organization is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the carrier, however we recommend the hunter take out insurance for the trophy to cover any damage compensation.

If the CITES needed our organization will provide at no cost.

The following is an approximate list of shipping costs of trophies from Estonia to any country of the European Union. Please contact us for shipments outside the European Union.

Species Taxidermy Type Approximate Shipping Cost
Moose and Roe Deer Antlers and Skull € 150 a € 300
Moose and Roe Deer Full mounted € 400 a € 500
Bear Skin and skull € 100 a € 200
Bear Full mounted € 800 a € 1,200
Wild Boar Tusks € 30
Wild Boar Full mounted € 200 a € 300
Roe Deer Antlers € 50
Roe Deer Full mounted € 150 a € 200
Wolf and Lynx Skin and skull € 100
Wolf and Lynx Full mounted € 300 a € 400

Tourism in Estonia
Estonia is beautiful country very rich in natural landscapes and a very interesting history . The main tourist attraction is Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Tallinn is a beautiful old town with wonderful corners.

If you want to combine your hunting trip with tourism our organization has agreements with local tour operators.