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Exciting Duck Hunting in Estonia

Discover this paradise of duck hunting in Europe

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting season is from August 20 to November in the coastal areas of Estonia and is done using duck-calls and decoys to attract ducks.

Duck Hunting Season

August (from 20th) September October
Other game species that can be combined

Ducks in Estonia

Estonia is located in the middle of the migration route of millions of ducks in addition to a very high population of resident ducks.

Duck Hunting Areas

In Estonia you can hunt the following species of ducks.

Eurasian wigeon
(Anas penelope)
(Anas strepera)
Eurasian teal
(Anas crecca)
(Anas platyrhynchos)
Northern pintail
(Anas acuta)
(Anas querquedula)
Northern shoveler
(Anas clypeata)
Aythya ferina
(Aythya ferina)
Common eider
(Somateria mollissima)
Long-tailed duck
(Clangula hyemalis)
Common scoter
(Melanitta nigra)
Common goldeneye
(Bucephala clangula)

Hunting Programs

Duck Hunting with Decoys

  • Recommended duration: 3 days (4 nights)
  • Hunting season from 20 August  until late October
  • More information

Estonia is one of the destinations most important for duck breeding in northern Europe with large areas where you can experience excellent duck hunting. Their hunt takes place from mid-August to late October. In October we also have millions of ducks migrating to southern Europe so that densities are multiplied. Duck hunting with decoys can be combined with the Goose hunting with decoys usually in late September and early October.

Hunting Pictures