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Bear hunting in Estonia

Come hunt some of the biggest bears in Europe

Brown Bear Hunting

The largest population of bears is in the Viru district where we have hunting areas although there is a very high density in the rest of Estonia as well.

5 Days of hunting are required for a successful bear hunt. Bear hunting reservations well in advance are necessary.

Bear hunting is done in Estonian from hunting stands in feedlots.

The best hunting period is August.

Bear hunting Season

August September October
Other game species that can be combined

Bear in Estonia

Currently, more than 900 bears are counted in Estonia, and their number is growing significantly. Each season approximately 50-60 bears are hunted in Estonia mainly in August and early September.

Bear hunting areas

Recommended calibers and bullets for bear hunting

Rifles recomendados Balas recomendadas
Calibers Minimum Weight 225 Grains
338 W Mag Swift a Frame
9,3×62 Nosler Partition
9,3×74 Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
35 Whelen Norma Oryx
375 HH Sako Hammer Head

Information on the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

The Ursus arctos is an omnivorous mammal belonging to the family of the ursids. It is the most widespread species of bear on the planet and usually live between 25 and 30 years.

Physical description

Its length can be up to 3 m and 1.30 m height. Can weigh up to 600 kg. The color varies according to the specimen. They walk on all fours but are among the few animals capable of rearing on hind legs (plantígrados) although they do not usually do so but only when they feel threatened. They have very good hearing and an excellent sense of smell that enables them to detect food over long distances and to help them in the mating season to find out the sexual status of other specimens. The males are heavier and more robust than females.

Distribution and habitat

They are found in Europe, Asia and North America. They live in mountains, alpine meadows and near rivers.

Feeding Habits

These bears are omnivores. They feed mainly on vegetables, but also on carrion. Life in general is defined by food. During winter they hibernate in dens made by themselves due to lack of food. Those who live near rivers or lakes, eat a lot of fish, but in general their diet consists largely of berries, mushrooms, roots and shoots.


Females reach sexual maturity between 3 and 5 years. Males later, due to the high competitiveness with other males. The mating season runs from May to July. The pair will stay together for a while. Females delay pregnancy until fall and stop two months later, in full hibernation. This gives security to the young, who will not leave the den until after the winter. Normally, the female births between one and three cubs that will stay with her for about a year and a half. The cubs are born weighing about 350 g.

Hunting Programs

Brown Bear Still Hunting

  • Recommended duration: 5 days Hunting (6 nights)
  • Hunting season from August 1  to October 31
  • More information

Brown Bear still hunting is the only form of bear hunting allowed in Estonia. The hunt takes place in our hunting areas where refugees have been created specifically for hunting bear where they are fed from early April to late October. From late September Bears may also be found in oat fields.

Hunting Pictures