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Hunting Programs

Caza de la Becada con Perro de Muestra
Woodcock Hunting with Pointing Dogs
from September 1 al to November 30
Moose Hunting with Moose Calling
from 15 September al to October 15
Brown Bear Still Hunting
from August 1 al to October 31
Caza del Alce con Perro de Rastro
Moose Hunting with Dogs
from October 1 al to December 15
Wild Boar Hunting with Dogs
from October 1 al to February 28
Una jornada excepcional
Goose Hunting with Decoys
from September 10 al to October 31
Wild boar Hunt Still-Hunting
from 1 June al to February 28
Wolf Hunt with beaters
from 1 November al until February 28
Wild Boar Hunt by stalking
from June 1 al to September 30
Lynx Hunting with Dogs
from December 1 al to February 28
Still Hunting for Wolves
from November 1 al to December 31
Tiradas de Patos con Reclamo
Duck Hunting with Decoys
from 20 August al until late October
Stalking Roe Deer Hunt
from June 1 al to September 30
Stalking Red Deer Hunting
from September 15 al until the end of October
Hunting Capercaillie and Black Grouse with Dogs
from October 15 al until October 31